Varioguard® Barriers for Safety

ASSET VRS temporary ASSET VARIOGUARD® is the leading highway safety barrier system on the UK market. The EN 1317 tested and approved steel product features QUICK-JOINTS for rapid installation.

ASSET VARIOGUARD® offers unique energy absorbing features and enables rapid installation at very competitive rates from our huge, strategically located rental pool of barriers.

VarioGuard Temporary Barrier
VarioGuard Temporary Barrier
VarioGuard Temporary Barrier
Varioguard - Waterloo Bridge


ASSET VARIOGUARD® is a galvanised steel safety barrier, with a unit length of 4,000 mm, a height of 900 mm, and a base width of 700 mm. A box beam on top of the unit is connected by SIGMA type posts to the unit base. These posts are bi-directional, and because the system is bolted together, they are field replaceable. The standard element has a weight of only 400 kg, and incorporates an integrated drainage section of 120 mm x 70 mm.


ASSET VARIOGUARD® is extensively tested at different performance levels, with test lengths that reflect lengths of need. Tests according to BS EN 1317:1998, at performance levels T3, N1, N2, H1, and H2 have been successfully completed.

ASSET VARIOGUARD® absorbs the energy of errant vehicles by a combination of self weight, catenary action, and the mass of the impacting vehicle on the unique foot section of the barrier. It is delivered to site in pre-bolted 12 m lengths for rapid installation. In the rare event of an unforeseeable accident; such as a heavy goods vehicle overturning, ASSET VARIOGUARD® is designed to deform progressively. This feature, combined with the wide profile of the foot section ensures that there is no possibility of the system overturning.


The use of ASSET VARIOGUARD® for lane rental projects is tried and tested. As part of the continuous improvement ASSET have developed QUICK-JOINTS. Our extensive rental pool is now fully equipped with this new jointing system and our specialist installers can offer installation rates of up to 400 m per hour with this system.


ASSET VARIOGUARD® can be hired directly from ASSET. With a huge rental pool of barrier, strategically located we can always satisfy your requirements. Alternatively you can purchase ASSET VARIOGUARD®, with ASSET offering favourable buy back rates should you require them.


With the introduction of BS EN 1317 and the IRRRS, ASSET are the favoured choice of designers and specifiers. Offering an unrivalled technical and design knowledge, and expertise; ASSET professionally qualified engineers can provide free advice on general arrangements and drawings that you may require, leading to cost effective, performance related solutions for both temporary and permanent safety barriers. Full sets of drawings, and approved general arrangements are available for all products.

Varioguard Temporary


VARIOGUARD® is fully tested to BS EN 1317 performance levels N1, N2 and H2. Different working width classes are available, dependent on anchorage configurations.

When used as a temporary safety barrier VARIOGUARD® is usually anchored at each end with four 500 mm long anchor pins into pre-drilled holes.

With a huge rental pool of VARIOGUARD® located at depots around the UK and Ireland, small installations to many kilometres can be serviced. Emergency call-outs to any part of the UK are routinely responded to within hours.

  • Fully tested to EN1317: N2 W3, N2 W4, N2 W5, N2 W6 and H1 W6
  • Up to 3000m drilled and fixed per shift
  • Zero Hand Arm Vibration when installed using the Asset Drilling Rig
  • Connections to Zoneguard®, Rebloc® and Multibloc® in addition to transitions for OBB and Flexbeam for continuous protection
Varioguard Permanent


In cases where utilities have to be moved, or a large amount of preparation is required for the installation of conventional barriers, ASSET VRS’s VARIOGUARD® is an ideal solution. The weight of only 100 kg per linear metre means that bridge deck loading is kept to a minimum.

Anchored at each end of a bridge deck, VARIOGUARD® can accommodate tight horizontal and vertical curves.

Manholes and access points to ducts can be bridged and accessed with site-specific designed and built units. VARIOGUARD® can be used in roadways, on up-stands and on kerbs.

Transitions from VARIOGUARD® to Open Box Beam, both single sided and double sided, have been tested and are approved by Highways England.

VARIOGUARD® has been installed as a permanent barrier solution at hundreds of locations including the M5 Avonmouth Bridge and the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, as well as numerous road-over-rail locations.


Varioguard Single-sided


ASSET VRS’s VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED is a rigid energy absorbing barrier system that offers protection to both the travelling public and pedestrians.

The galvanised steel 4 m long sections are delivered to site pre-assembled in 12 m lengths for ease of delivery and rapid installation.

With its narrow foot profile, VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED is the ideal application for central reserves and verges where the requirement for set-back and clearance cannot be obtained with other barrier systems. It is ideally suited where PVCBs are unacceptable due to the presence of services or other constraints and obstructions, such as signs and lighting columns.

VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED complies with BS EN 1317 at performance level N2, with a dynamic deflection (clearance) of only 300 mm.

The required tests for this standard are:
• TB11 900 kg vehicle
• TB32 1.5 tonne vehicle at 70 mph on a 20º impact

Often used as a permanent central reservation barrier, VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED is bolted at 4 m centres to a concrete base approximately 450 mm wide by 300 mm deep, (different bolt configurations can be used for bridge decks).

VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED has been certified by Highways England as an “Approved Road Restraint Systems” with a Working Width class of W2. However, in the test report compiled by TRL, it is stated, “Since the flanged base of the VARIOGUARD® SINGLE SIDED extends 150 mm in from the traffic face, the setback distance of the barrier can be reduced by 150 mm without adversely affecting the performance of the barrier. As a consequence, the Working Width can be reduced by a corresponding distance.” This gives a Working Width of only 575 mm, i.e. W1.


VARIOGUARD® accessories can add additional warning markers for works’ entrances and exits, over head cables and where safe working distance markers are required.

Other options include concrete anchors, lamp holders and alternate red and white covers for the top beam which makes the barrier more conspicuous when used in taper or chicane zones.

Read our Press Release from the trial on the M1 Junctions 39-42, Wakefield below.

Discuss your accessory requirements with one of the ASSET team on ordering.

Varioguard Accessories
Varioguard Accessories
Varioguard Accessories

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