• Containment level: H2 (covers H1, N1, T3, T2 and T1)

  • Working width: W5 (covers W6, W7 and W8)

  • Impact severity level: ASI B

  • Application: Permanent system

  • Installation: Free-standing

The RB80H is a permanent double-sided concrete barrier consisting of 8-metre long free-standing units. RB80A provides H2/W1 containment while the RB80H provides H2/W5. Both systems are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 1317-2. The RB80A and RB80H are innovatively designed, combining years of research and development to produce this highly effective and market-leading system. Utilising Rebloc’s innovative coupling system ensures ease of installation and maximises safety. The systems are adaptive, transitioning into various standard and terminal elements.

Permanent precast concrete vehicle restraint systems are used for long-lasting protection on the central reservation and along the verge. Vehicles deviating from the road are retained or redirected and prevent a dangerous breakthrough onto the opposite carriageway. As a result road users and persons, as well as objects at the roadside, are well protected.

The integrated, innovative coupling together with a full-length steel tension bar and an ingeniously-designed reinforcement system ensure high security and practicality. The single elements are connected to a strong chain, which safely dissipates the energy caused by vehicle impact.

Thanks to the interlocking construction, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protects fully against vandalism.

Product features & Advantages

  • Different fields of application

  • Fully vandal proof due to integrated coupling

  • Very economic system for containment level H2

Technical Data

all dimensions in cm

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