Concrete Barriers

Sister company to Asset VRS, Hardstaff Barriers are the leading supplier of approved concrete road safety barriers. With over 20 years’ of experience in the supply and installation of temporary concrete safety barriers Hardstaff Barriers, alongside Asset VRS, have the knowledge, expertise and capabilities to consult, deliver and deploy on highways projects.

Concrete Barriers


The Rebloc NB100/D is a free-standing integrated noise barrier system consists of 8-metre long concrete VRS barriers topped by noise deflecting barrier units of equal length. The concrete VRS barrier provides H2/W4 containment and is designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 1317-2. The integrated noise barrier achieves an airborne sound insulation rating of D4 in accordance with BS EN 1793-6. This system has the additional benefit of a significantly reduced working footprint over other systems.


As RB80SA without anchor pins.


Designed and tested to BS EN 1317-2 the Rebloc RB80SA slim system width of 300 mm and the low working width W1 are important determinants, if little space is available. Each element is anchored with only four anchor pins, which can be easily installed and removed allowing for an installation rate of up to 200 m per hour. Thanks to the unique interlocking coupling on the RB80SA’s 12 m long unit, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protects fully against targeted vandalism. The RB80SA has large contact areas with integrated elastomer pads which result in a low surface pressure.


The RB60H and RB80S by Rebloc are temporary concrete barrier systems consisting of 12 m long units. RB60H provides N2/W4 containment while the RB80S provides H1/W4 containment. Both systems have been designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 1317-2. Both RB60H and RB80S utilise Rebloc’s innovative coupling system that ensures ease of installation while maximising safety. The systems are adaptive, transitioning into various standard and terminal elements. The long length and low unit weight of the systems allow for 132–144 m to be carried on a standard 44 tonne HGV. Other models are also available.


The RB80A by Rebloc is a permanent single-sided concrete barrier system consisting of 8-metre long units anchored to the carriageway.


Permanent pre-cast concrete vehicle restraint systems are ideally used for long lasting protection on the central reservation and along the verge. The RB140SFS achieves the highest containment level of H4a offering the best possible protection and restrains an impact of a 30 tonne truck driving at 65km/h (TB71 in accordance with BS EN 1317-2). The integrated, innovative coupling does not contain any loose parts enhancing safety and installation speed. The easy installation, which does not depend on weather conditions, reduces the risk of works over running helping meet deadlines and budgets. Thanks to the interlocking construction, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protects fully against vandalism.


The RB80H is a permanent double-sided concrete barrier consisting of 8-metre long free-standing units. RB80A provides H2/W1 containment while the RB80H provides H2/W5. Both systems are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN 1317-2. The RB80A and RB80H are innovatively designed, combining years of research and development to produce this highly effective and market-leading system. Utilising Rebloc’s innovative coupling system ensures ease of installation and maximises safety. The systems are adaptive, transitioning into various standard and terminal elements.


The Rebloc RB84XEAL is a unique temporary to permanent concrete vehicle restraint system. The system can be used free-standing along temporary works, then can be repositioned and embedded 40mm into the asphalt or concrete to create a permanent central reserve barrier. Tested to BS EN 1317 the RB84XEAL provides H2/W1 containment when permanently installed. The RB84XEAL is suitable for long and short sections and is also available with integrated drainage channels.


The Multibloc system is a tried and tested product that has seen decades of successful service across a broad spectrum of applications. Multibloc TVCBs are BS EN 1317-2 approved and are designed to deflect an errant vehicle away from local hazards within or immediately adjacent to the highway. Multibloc is ideal for use as roadway delineators for both large and small construction projects. The added option of using mounted fence systems and gates allows for the prevention of unauthorised site access while also enhancing safety for workers and the general public alike.


The Maxibloc THVCB is tested and approved to BS EN 1317-2, providing H4a/W5 containment when surface mounted and H4a/W2 when recessed. Maxibloc’s principal design feature is to deflect HGVs from bridge supports and other vulnerable structures, providing very effective temporary parapet protection during works. Maxibloc is also ideal for use as roadway delineators for construction sites or depot areas, especially in locations with high volumes of heavy goods vehicles and haulage traffic. With the added option of using mounted fence systems and gates, Maxibloc also allows for the prevention of unauthorised site access.

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