Asset Sologuard® on the M25 | Case Study

14 March 2017

ASSET SOLOGUARD® is the positive choice made by contractors Carillion to enable regular maintenance closures of the Bell Common Tunnel on the M25 north of London.

A gap is required to be set in the central reservation at each end of the tunnel. This facilitates the creation of the required contraflow. ASSET SOLOGUARD® proved to be the perfect solution to fill the gap’ as it provides motorists and operators with increased safety whilst being easily opened and closed.

ASSET SOLOGUARD® is a development of ASSET VARIOGUARD®safety barrier system which is widely used across the UK’s motorway network; it has hidden jockey wheels requiring only a ratchet spanner to lower them into position beneath the steel barrier.

Once lowered, ASSET SOLOGUARD® can be pushed by hand into the open position to divert traffic.

At each end of ASSET SOLOGUARD® is a hinge section which connects via a tested and approved transition unit to an Open Box Beam. The movable ends form a taper protecting the closed tunnel portal from oncoming traffic. ASSET SOLOGUARD® is used in this M25 location for tunnel maintenance every six weeks, offering permanent protection for road users and temporary protection for the workforce.


It takes a matter of minutes to switch traffic into contraflow in one tunnel whilst maintenance work is carried out in the opposite. This method is used for the night closures, enabling the highest safety standards to be maintained.

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